To be confirmed at The Cryer Arts Centre, Carshalton. 

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Little Women is a moving story about a family in New England in the 19th Century. The story centres around four strong sisters who are slowly leaving childhood behind them and starting to blossom into adulthood. The story sees how they cope with families being separated by war and how small gestures of kindness can leave their family with stricken sickness and self-doubt. We see their story as the sisters grow and evolve into young members of society and catch a glimpse of what their futures may hold.

Directors Vision

Family. That’s what this production of Little Women is primarily and fundamentally about. The discussions and disagreements between the sisters are just like the ones I have with my own sister. This is a fun production that relies upon the relationships between the actors and production. A great chance to tell this classic novel bringing out all the same problems that families face today.

Artistic Team

Director – Charlie Allen

Assistant Director – Peter Davis