Steel Magnolias Performances

Wednesday 27th to Saturday 30th April 2022 at CryerArts, High Street, Carshalton SM5 3BB.

Box Office

Adult: £14.00 / Concessions: £13.00 (plus booking fee)


Set in a hair-dressing salon in Louisiana, ‘Steel Magnolias’ is a very simple but beautiful play. The action takes place over a couple of years and nothing particularly exciting happens. Every character has her own storyline running through the play, though the over-arching theme is the health of one of them. It is a charming, bitter-sweet slice of life – there are laughter and tears.

It is about 6 women of different ages who, for the most part, have known each other for years. They chat, they bicker, they share each other’s joys and sorrows and, for better or worse, there is a tremendous warmth between them all.

The play is very much an ensemble piece as most of the cast are on stage most of the time.

Directors Vision

I saw the film about 20 years ago but, to be honest, remember very little about it. The stage production I saw about 10 years ago, however, has stayed with me. This is a beautiful and simple piece of theatre. The way the characters interact with their witticisms, put-downs and good-natured barbs is a joy to behold. The stories, for there are a number, are simple and very common to all of us at some time in our lives.

The best thing is that it is an ensemble piece. Most of the characters are on stage most of the time and everyone has their turn at being centre-stage without having the burden of carrying the whole play. 

There is one set, which is a hairdressing salon, there are few costume changes and there’s a lot of sitting down (with, perhaps, the exception of one character) so what more could one desire?

Artistic Team

Director – David Sanders


TruvyZahra Jennings-Grant 
AnnelleBee Williams 
ClaireeSarah H Gordon 
ShelbyRebecca Flood
M’LynnSarah Block
OuiserTonia Porter